Chicago Limo About Us

Chicago Limo has been serving the greater Chicago area since 2009, and it's been our absolute joy to assemble an amazing fleet of limousines (including Navigator limousines and dual axle Hummer limousines) packed with the most impressive features we've ever seen. Our customers rave about the comforts of our buses, from the premium leather seating to the sophisticated lighting schemes, from the televisions to the sound systems, from the hardwood floors to the mirrored ceilings. Neverending upgrades and constant inspections keep our buses working perfectly so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Most other vehicle rental companies in the area, from party bus companies to limousine rental companies, hire drivers. We hire chauffeurs. True professionals in their field. There is no substitute for a real chauffeur, and we never cut corners when it comes to this area of our business. We put our chauffeurs through background checks, driving record checks, drug tests, and more before we even consider hiring them. If we don't feel that they're the best of the best, we do not add them to our staff. Period. You can rest assured knowing that you're being driven around by the best!

When it comes to your safety and protection on the road, you can also rest assured knowing that we've done everything we can do ensure that too. Our licenses are always kept up to date, along with any permits that are necessary, and the insurance policies we take out are the maximum amount that the law will allow. Beyond that, our limos are inspected before and after each and every trip. We are absolutely dedicated to you, from reliability to fun on the road! When you are on the road with us, you are completely protected, and you always have a fantastic time.

Booking a limousine trip with Chicago Limo is as easy as placing a quick phone call or shooting us an email. You can find our contact information here. A credit card deposit over the phone is all that is needed to book your desired date of service. We appreciate you having a few pieces of information handy when you call: The number of passengers that you plan to have, the destinations you plan to visit (or at least a general idea of which cities or neighborhoods you'll be including in your trip), and which vehicle you prefer between a Navigator limousine, a dual axle Hummer limousine, or a standard limousine. If you don't have a preference, we're experts at choosing the right vehicle for you.

Are you ready to book your limousine trip with Chicago Limo? We can't wait to get started planning your trip. Just click the continue link below for our complete contact info!